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Romania: Roadblock to stop transport of illegally-killed stray dogs


20 members of FOUR PAWS blocked a truck carrying the cadavers of dogs illegally killed by the Bucharest Animal Protection Authority ASPA. It was a peaceful protest, during which the participants urged Prime Minister Ponta to finally stop the illegal killing of stray dogs.

Police found cadavers of illegally-killed stray dogs

During the protest FOUR PAWS called the police and requested police officers to open the truck and check also the suspicion that illegal substances have been used for killing the stray dogs. However, the police officers initially refused to open the truck. Following three hours of intense negotiations , the police sized the vehicle carrying the corpses of the strays killed the same day. A convoy of five police vehicles escorted the truck  to the yard of the Domnesti police station, where they opened the van. “The moment of its opening was grotesque. The smell pushed the police officers backwards“, explained Gabriel  Paun, Director of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS, the only representative of FOUR PAWS allowed. „One officer of criminal police investigation dressed in biohazard suite entered the vehicle loaded with containers filled up with freshly killed dogs.“

© VIER PFOTEN | Matthias Schickhofer

FOUR PAWS calls to enforce the killing law

FOUR PAWS calls on the police to enforce the law and the decision of the Appeal Court of Bucharest, which suspended the methodological norms of the killing law on 20 June 2014. „Strong legal steps by police against the criminals would be the only way to send a strong message to all those connected with the killing of dogs in Romania“, said Gabriel Paun.

© VIER PFOTEN | Gabriel Paun

More than 8,000 strays killed since June 20

According to a recent statement by ASPA coordinator Răzvan Băncescu, more than half of the 16,000 killings of strays in Bucharest were carried out after 20th of June.

Biological management company to destroy carcasses of strays

As FOUR PAWS determined, the truckbelongs to the Romanian company “Stericycle”, which has been hired by ASPA to transport and destroy the carcasses of the stray dogs killed in public pounds.