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Solidarity for stray dogs in Romania: Stand up for adoption, not killing!


FOUR PAWS is holding today support actions for Romanian stray dogs in three major European cities. Dog owners and their dogs manifest their solidarity and set a mark that mass killing is neither a humane nor an efficient way for solving the stray dog issue.

© FOUR PAWS / Elisabeth Blum

It was bleak news for stray dogs in Romania this week: On Wednesday the Romanian Constitutional Court approved the stray dog killing law, ignoring hence the will of citizens all over Europe, as well as international treaties and appeals of the European institutions. The new law, approved already by President Basescu, allows for captured dogs to be killed if no new owner can be found within a fortnight.

The international welfare organisation FOUR PAWS, that has neutered and treated more than 100.000 stray dogs in Romania since 2001, will fight on. Gabriel Paun, director of campaigns FOUR PAWS: “We have already started to campaign for a nationwide adoption of stray dogs – with first successes. More and more Romanians are willing to adopt a dog from the streets, which is the only way now to save their lives now. FOUR PAWS is offering a free of charge all-over check for their new canine family member - castration, deworming, registration, identification and transport to the new owner”.

In order to raise awareness for their adoption campaign, the organisation is raising paws in three major European cities today. Dog owners and their dogs in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam will set a mark that overnight solutions are not available, and that adoption is one important and urgent part of a sustainable solution for the stray dog issue – among systematic sterilization,  identification and registration as well as effective penalties for abandoning pets.


More than 80.000 supporters from all over the world have already sent an appeal to Romanian mayors to give the stray dogs a chance to live  Gabriel Paun: “We are openly addressing veterinarians and mayors to join forces with us. Now it is in the mayor’s discretion not to kill – but to approve budgets for dog shelters in their municipality and support our adoption campaign”.