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© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

Community outreach on Koh Chang

FOUR PAWS held its first community outreach event yesterday in Wat Salak Phet Temple, South of Koh Chang Island. The workshop was attended by twenty people, including the Head of the Village. The goal of the workshop was to learn more about the community’s perception towards street dogs, and to promote responsible ownership in order to improve the co-existence between humans and dogs on Koh Chang island and reduce the number of dogs being abandoned in the future. Overall, the first event was a great success, we learned a lot about the community’s perception towards street dogs and the group committed to share their learnings with the wider community. 

© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

Street dog welfare education

Today we held our first school event with the permission of the school which took place in Salakok, Koh Chang. Around 100 school children attended the event  (4 – 12 years old). We gave children copies of our responsible pet ownership and street dog welfare posters and asked them questions about their views on street dogs and how they take care of their own pets. We also did an exercise with the older children where they wrote a story about how they would take care of an injured street dog. Many street dogs are injured on the busy road in Koh Chang. Finally we held a workshop for the teachers and took them through education materials to help them hold lessons on animal welfare in the future with their individual classes.