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Tips for a street dog friendly vacation


© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

What you can do as a tourist

  • Don't approach street dogs in the streets or on the beach
    Street dogs may feel threatened and bite humans. Without any medical care or vaccinations these dogs may transmit diseases.
  • Don't feed street dogs near hotels and restaurants
    As this may attract large numbers of street dogs and cause issues with hotel and restaurant owners concerned about the impact on their business.
  • Don't take dogs home with you
    This does not solve the street dog problem and can actually have a negative impact on the welfare of animals in the country in which the dog is taken to be adopted. If people wish to adopt then FOUR PAWS recommends that they first speak to a shelter/rehoming centre where they live to see if there is a dog/cat locally that needs a home.
  • Support international and local stray animal care project
    The kindest thing you can do for street dogs is to support organisations that neuter, vaccinate and provide veterinary treatment for them. This is the only humane and sustainable way to reduce stray animal populations and improve their welfare.


Support our petition for the humane treatment of street dogs around the world!