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FOUR PAWS continues Animal Welfare Initiative in Ukraine


Evpatoria the next city to adopt Stray Animal Care

FOUR PAWS continues its successful animal welfare initiative in Ukraine: Following the agreement between FOUR PAWS and the City Hall of Evpatoria, a new stray animal care project was launched in the Ukrainian town on 26 March 2013, bringing hope and salvation to many thousand stray animals.


The programme started with an awareness and information campaign on the city streets. At the following press conference, Oleksandr Sokolov, Deputy Mayer of the city administration, stated that he is very happy to have the team in his town and welcomed the humane solution in solving the stray animal population in Evpatoria. ‘’I visited the FOUR PAWS team in Mykolayiv in 2012 and was very impressed with their work. Consequently, I invited them to our city’’.  According to Sokolov,  the city is looking forward to learning from FOUR PAWS and eventually implementing their own stray animal care programme.

FOUR PAWS Project Leader Dr. Amir Khalil was pleased about the warm welcome of both Deputy Mayor and citizens. He says: ‘’We are happy to be in Evpatoria. In the coming summer months, many tourists will visit the city and see the success of the project. Evpatoria from now on will not only not tolerate any more dog killings but implement our sustainable, humane solution of neutering and treating the dogs.’’


Dr. Khalil said furthermore that he was delighted at the efforts and support of both citizens and municipal authorities. He also thanked the local veterinary clinics for lending supervision to make this project possible.


The FOUR PAWS team will be in Evpatoria for one month. Dr. Khalil took the opportunity to ask all citizens for help: “Please join our team and bring the stray animals to our mobile veterinary clinics for neutering and vaccination against rabies!”


The stray animal care programme has been very successful so far in Ukraine with over 8,000 stray animal neutered and vaccinated in several cities during March to December 2012.

FOUR PAWS bear rescue also to continue

But not only the stray animal care programme, also the bear rescue initiative will continue. So far, FOR PAWS has already rescued 5 bears in Ukraine that were kept privately and under terrible conditions. The case of the young bear cub Nastia went around the world: Nastia had been brutally snatched by animal traders, rescued and transferred to the FOUR PAWS Bear Rescue Centre Nadiya in Zhytomyr in November 2012. Today, she is doing very well. Dr. Khalil: “Nastia is a happy and healthy one-year-old bear now and her natural instincts grow stronger each day. In her enclosure, she built a winter den to rest during the cold period from which she has recently emerged to welcome spring time.”


The FOUR PAWS research and rescue initiative will not stop here. According to government estimates, over 80 Ukrainian brown bears remain in poor captive conditions.