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FOUR PAWS plans to neuter, vaccinate 2,000 stray dogs in Ukraine


FOUR PAWS extends its cooperation with the Ukrainian government

In Kiev FOUR PAWS and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine agreed to implement a program for the protection and welfare of stray animals and both signed the respective agreement on January 31. With the support of the Ukrainian government, FOUR PAWS will neuter and vaccinate stray animals, implement educational programs for the humane treatment of stray dogs and cats, as well as help improve the legislation to protect all stray animals within Ukraine.

© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

State of the art veterinary clinic opens its door in Zhytomyr

The first step towards the implementation of the stray animal care (SAC) program is the set-up of a state of the art veterinary clinic in Zhytomyr, a city in the North-Western Ukraine. The city administration provided funds to turn an abandoned and ruined building into what is now a modern and professional veterinary clinic for stray animals. FOUR PAWS will neuer and vaccinate stray animals but also educate the local community on stray animal care and responsible pet ownership.


It is planned to neuter and vaccinate up to 2,000 dogs in Zhytomyr within the next three years using the catch-neuter-release (CNR) method, the only approach to stray animal population control that is considered sustainable and humane by the World Health Organization. This goal will be achieved in close collaboration with the city of Zhytomyr.


According to the CNR method, stray animals are caught, neutered, vaccinated against rabies, treated for parasites, microchipped and registered. The treated animals spend about 24 hours following surgery at the clinic and are then released into their original home territory. A FOUR PAWS veterinary team can neuter several hundred strays in one place within a month. Apart from the humane argument for CNR, the method is also cheaper and far more sustainable in the long-term than killing and disposing of stray animals. FOUR PAWS has treated more than 15.500 stray dogs in Ukraine since 2012.

© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

Ukrainian captive brown bears will also get help

Not only stray dogs, FOUR PAWS has been working to improve the welfare of Ukrainian brown bears in captivity. Despite the existing ban on using bears for baiting, there are still up to 20 animals in the country being abused to train hunting dogs. Furthermore over 100 animals are still living in tiny cages next to restaurants, hotels or petrol stations. During the meeting in Kiev FOUR PAWS signed another Memorandum with the Ministry to jointly implement the ban on bear baiting and to rescue illegally kept bears. In order to accommodate the animals the international animal welfare organisation is currently building a new facility – BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr near Lviv.

© FOUR PAWS | Roman Kotikov