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Help for strays in Baltic states


FOUR PAWS launches new stray animal care project in Lithuania and Latvia

The international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS launches a new stray animal care project in Lithuania and Latvia. A vet team of the organisation is on the way to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, where the project starts tomorrow.


For the next two weeks, in cooperation with the local municipality and with the help of many volunteers, the FOUR PAWS team will catch stray dogs and cats, in order to neuter, vaccinate and treat them in the animal clinic at the University for Veterinary Medicine. As soon as the animals recover from the surgery, they are released back to their territory. After the mission in Vilnius, the FOUR PAWS stray animal care team moves to Riga, the capital of Latvia, in order to work there in cooperation with the local municipality, too.


Project leader Dr. Anca Tomescu from FOUR PAWS is delighted that the municipalities of both cities are in favour of neutering as the only humane and long term method of birth control for stray animals.  “Both Vilnius and Riga are good examples that should be followed by all the capitals of Europe faced with the problem of stray animals,“ stresses Dr. Tomescu. “It is time to understand that killing animals does not solve the problem. If Vilnius and Riga continue to sterilize and return the animals, they will soon become the visit cards of Europe.“


In both Lithuania and Latvia, thousands of ownerless cats and dogs are living on the streets. Both cities agreed in writing not to kill the neutered animals, but to encourage the population for adoption.


In the last three years, the FOUR PAWS team has worked in Lithuania three times and neutered almost 5000 dogs and cats.