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FOUR PAWS is an international non-profit foundation dedicated to animal activism. FOUR PAWS was founded in Austria in 1988 and today has representations in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Its sphere of activity, however, is not limited geographically.

In 2003, FOUR PAWS International was founded in order to meet the challenges of international animal activism. In Europe, laws and directives having a major impact on the welfare of animals are usually not passed by governments of individual countries. Most of them are decided at EU level. For FOUR PAWS it is important to take part in the political decision-making process in Brussels, be it via representation in appropriate bodies, specific lobbying or non-violent actions.

The most important objective is to convince individual member countries to interpret such laws and directives for the good of the animals and to implement them quickly. FOUR PAWS organisations in the respective countries try to make sure that this is done in a comprehensible and effective way.