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Foie Gras Movie


Below you can see footage that shows why this cruel practice ahs been outlawed in 14 European Countries already! The footage shows the life of suffering these animals endure, and includes interviews with people that carry out the force feeding and farmers, and includes comments from experts . Watch the trailer or watch the whole film!

Shockingly enough, the owner of a Foie Gras farm admits in this film that the practice is one of animal cruelty, and that it should be banned. The owner explicitly outlines the daily animal welfare issues that arise, such as injuries, illness, and death.
The film also clearly shows the abuse of antibiotics in force feeding and shows that animals are made ill, so that without the antibiotics, birds would not survive the two-week force-feeding process.
The Hungarian Company, Pannon Lúd, the biggest Foie Gras producer in the world, changed over to oat fattened geese and pekin duck production and has abandoned the cruel force-feeding breeding method.

Hungary’s largest foie gras producer Pannon Lud stops poultry force-feeding

FOUR PAWS will update its Foie Gras video shortly.

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