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Death of Cecil the lion is not an isolated case



Update, 2015-08-02: FOUR PAWS team is on site in Zimbabwe

After the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has shown the brutal excesses of trophy hunting, FOUR PAWS is calling on European countries and the U.S. to impose a ban on hunting trophies. Moreover, today an expert team of FOUR PAWS is arriving in Hwange national park in Zimbabwe to assess the situation of the lion pride on site. At Hwange National Park, the FOUR PAWS team will first verify the actual situation of the pride, considering also rumors that Cecil’s brother Jericho was also killed – a rumor that was disproved by agency reports shortly afterwards. As an animal welfare organization, it is essential for FOUR PAWS to make sure the offspring of Cecil are not in danger. There is the risk that the next leader of the pride will kill the cubs as happens often in the wild. Jericho so far has protected Cecil’s cubs, it seems.



Cecil is not an isolated case

For years, FOUR PAWS has committed itself against the most extreme kind of trophy hunting, called Canned Hunting. “The death of recently shot Cecil is not an isolated case”, Ioana Dungler, responsible for wildlife at FOUR PAWS International said. She was interviewed by CNN in our big cat sanctuary LIONSROCK yesterday. 

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The illegal hunting industry is big in Africa

"According to our research, especially increasingly lions from national parks or other protected areas are lured out to be used for hunting," said Ioana Dungler. Some of these lions are first brought to breeding farms. Currently, there are about 6,000 lions living on 250 breeding farms in South Africa only. Many of the cubs born there must first serve as a tourist attraction: You can pet them, go take pictures or even walk them. That they are supporting the cruel hunting industry, which is even stated as unethical by many hunting associations, is not known by many African tourists. 


Lion population is steadily shrinking

The number of wild lions has been shrinking for years: Experts assume that there are only 23,000 lions living in the wild on the African continent. The SSC Cat Specialist Group of the IUCN is expecting that 42 percent of the greater lion inventories are shrinking. 

FOUR PAWS campaign #FOURPAWSgowild

As part of our current campaign #FOURPAWSgowild, which is not only focussing on canned hunting, but also the generally bad keeping conditions of thousands of big cats living in captivity, FOUR PAWS calls on a ban of canned hunting in South Africa and a return of lions to the TOPS list “Threatened or Protected Species Regulation”. Furthermore we demand the prohibition of commercial lion breeding farms and of hand raising, which should only be done in emergencies.


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A team from the famous TV broadcast CNN is on site at our big cat sanctuary LIONSROCK covering the latest news regarding Cecil's death.


You can watch their livestream here: