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FOUR PAWS launches a SMS donation campaign on World Animal Day

With one text message reading “DMS lapi” to short code 17 777 you can support the neutering and treatment of stray animals

Sofia, 04.10.2012


On World animal day, 04.10.2012, the Bulgarian office of the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS launches a fundraising campaign via SMS donations. All funds will be spent on the treatment and neutering of stray dogs and cats in Bulgaria. Partners of FOUR PAWS in the implementation of the campaign are the Bulgarian Donors Forum and the Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation through their joint project for a unified charitable number.


“We chose to partner up with the best system for fundraising via SMS donations, because it guarantees provision of feedback to the donors concerning the funds raised and funds spent,” FOUR PAWS representative Yavor Gechev explains. “It is our firm belief that everyone should become part of the solution of the stray animal issue – from the prime-minister, ministers and mayors to ordinary citizens. Supporting working NGOs such as FOUR PAWS is one of the ways to involve more people in the diminution of the number of stray animals in a humane, and yet efficient manner.”


As of today, subscribers of the three Bulgarian mobile operators can support FOUR PAWS’ work by sending a text message reading “DMS lapi” to short code 17 777. The cost of one SMS is 1,20lv. (incl. VAT). Your text message will help continue the noble cause for the good of animals and society. All funds raised will be spent on drugs for treatment and neutering of stray animals. Even one SMS means a lot to us. You can see why:

  • 1 SMS will cover the costs for the de-worming of 2 dogs or 8 cats;
  • With the amount from 1 SMS we will purchase one dose of rabies vaccine or one dose of three-day antibiotic treatment for dogs;
  • 6 text messages will cover the costs for the anesthesia of one dog or three cats;
  • 20 text messages will cover the cost of drugs needed for the neutering of one female dog.

For more information about the campaign and funds raised, visit

At the moment FOUR PAWS is working in Pancharevo, a district of Sofia, where teams neuter, vaccinate and de-worm stray and yard animals in a mobile vet clinic. Since beginning of work three weeks ago, over 250 cats and dogs have been treated, most of which are pets, living outside and therefore exposed to a risk of unwanted breeding.


Ongoing is also our campaign for free neutering of cats in Sofia, which FOUR PAWS started exactly a year and a half ago and is implemented in cooperation with 6 private veterinarian clinics. In 18 months we treated more than 1800 cats, thus preventing the birth of over 20 000 stray kittens.