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More Europe for Animals, not less

European Parliament votes on the animal welfare strategy

Brussels / Vienna, July 4 2012

Today the European Parliament has submitted its report on the animal welfare strategy of the EU Commission to the plenary. With 574 votes of 754 Members of the European Parliament, a vast majority adopted this political statement.

VIER PFOTEN welcomes the so called "Paulsen Report II" and the positive votes. "After many years of intensive political work in Brussels, we welcome the report of the European Parliament", said Helmut Dungler, President of VIER PFOTEN International. "The Plenary vote shows that a vast majority of Members of the Parliament is considering animals as sentient beings. This vote is taking in account the will of the majority of the European civil society, asking for a better consideration of animal welfare in Europe".


The requests of the European Parliament contain many improvements, structural, legal and political ones. Structural changes should be done for better implementation and enforcement of existing animal welfare legislation by adequate resources for EU inspections, also unannounced controls should take place, and finally the EU Commission as guardian of the Treaties should receive an enlarge scope of competences and tools for controlling implementation and enforcement, including a respective sanction system. On the other hand, the Member States should be obliged to submit a biennial report of implementation of EU related animal welfare legislation, including a roadmap for the coming years.

VIER PFOTEN welcomes the demand of the European Parliament to include companion animals in the European Animal Welfare Policy. This means the request of the EU Commission for national ethically acceptable and sustainable programmes of the respective Member States against canine and feline overpopulation. Following the demands of VIER PFOTEN since many years, the EP voted for a European Wide mandatory identification and registration system for cats and dogs as a basic measure for responsible ownership.