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No fair play here: A hunt in Romania is becoming a sorry tradition


FOUR PAWS is calling on glitzy hunting community to swap their guns for tennis racquets

A glamorous battue (driven hunt) event organised by ex-tennis star and business tycoon Ion Tiriac is gradually becoming a “tradition”. Since 2005 Tiriac has marked the beginning of the year by inviting prominent business partners and friends to a barbaric hunting party in Bâlc in north-west Romania. Last weekend saw the participation of such guests as ex-Magna manager Siegfried Wolf and fruit juice producer Franz Rauch. 


The celebrity guest list and the precise date are closely-guarded secrets – the event is not without opposition within Romania too. In 2013 around 270 wild boar were killed, including many young. FOUR PAWS campaign director Gabriel Paun comments on the mindless bloodbath: “In a battue (a hunt with beaters), only very few shots are right on target. An animal is often shot three or four times before it is brought down. Frequently an animal must lie in agony for a long time before it is found or dies of its injuries.”


This year, as in previous years, activists from the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS were on the scene to protest peacefully against the brutal activity. Under the slogan “Stop Killing, Play Tennis!” the activists did just that – played tennis – in front of the gates to the area of the hunt. The wild boar – activists in costume – also had their say, with large banners announcing the hunt was cancelled.


“Unfortunately this event attracts a lot of attention from the media. We don’t know what Tiriac is trying to achieve. But the message received by the outside world is that influential managers and politicians enjoy violence and killing! By protesting we again want to call on Ion Tiriac and his hunting pals to conduct their business meetings in an ethically-acceptable and non-violent way”, says Paun. The animal welfare organisation is also requesting the Romanian Ministry for Environment and Forests to ban preserve hunting outright.


To date around 2,000 wild boar have been killed in these battue hunts. International names are also among the guests, including Wolfgang Porsche (Porsche AG), Klaus Mangold (former board member of DaimlerChrysler) and Wolfgang Bernhard (Volkswagen).