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Bulgarian veterinary doctor helps in the flood-affected areas in Myanmar


FOUR PAWS will provide food for over 10,000 farm animals in the Asian country


The country manager of FOUR PAWS Bulgaria Dr. Marina Ivanova is part of a team of the international animal welfare organization, which is in Myanmar to provide help for the affected by the floods animals. The heavy monsoon rains, which began in June, have flooded about 400 villages in 5 districts in the Far Eastern country. The affected animals are over 50,000 and the people – nearly half a million. FOUR PAWS and their partners from the local humanitarian organization Mingalar Myanmar will provide 50 tons of feed in the most seriously affected areas. That would be enough to feed about 10,000 farm animals for a period of 20 days after which the rainfall is expected to decrease. 

 “In the affected areas in the vast plains around the river Irrawaddy the animals were evacuated in the highest parts of the villages which are usually the roads. For days they were not fed and many of them are in critical condition,” says Dr. Ivanova. “As a result of our help these animals will survive, as well as their owners, since they are almost entirely dependent on their livestock.”

Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia, with an area of 677,000 square kilometers and a population of 51 million people. The country has one of the least developing economies in Asia, but after the fall of the military regime in late 2015, Myanmar started to gradually open to the world. Although every year the valley along the largest river in the country Irrawaddy floods during the monsoon rains, this year the floods exceeded all expectations and hit areas that were not ready to cope with the disaster. According to the United Nations about 422 000 people were evacuated since the beginning of June. FOUR PAWS will provide assistance in the provinces of Bago and Ayeyarwady located in the lower reaches of the river Irrawaddy. 

The rescue mission in Myanmar is part of FOUR PAWS efforts to help people and animals affected by natural disasters. So far the organization has had similar missions in Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria. In 2014, FOUR PAWS deployed a rapid response team after the heavy floods in Bulgaria, where they distributed more than 10 tons of feed for farm animals. 

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