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750 fashion companies stand against fur


A retailer group with profits of almost 2 billion euros is the newest member of the Fur Free Retailer program


Unlike most of the European countries, Bulgaria is actually going towards legal reliefs for the fur farms 


750 are now the fashion companies which are part of the Fur Free Retailer program. They openly stand against the use of fur and are declaring that they will not use it for their products. The program which is initiated by the Fur Free Alliance in 2002 and is now active in more than 20 countries, aims to make a connection between the supporters of the ethic customer behavior and fashion giants such as Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, H&M, Zara, Pull and Bear, Berschka, Massimo Dutti and others.  


This week the newest member of the program was revealed – YOOX Net-a-Porter – one of the leading luxury fashion retailers. The company that for the year 2016 has nearly 2 billion euros in net profits decided to join the program after a research among 25 000 of its clients that revealed most of them prefer that the company’s online stores wouldn’t sell items with fur. 


According to Dr. Marina Ivanova - Country Director of FOUR PAWS Bulgaria, during the last few years there is a drastic increase of the number of consumers who prefer to shop ethically. This, of course, affects the fashion industry and the fur farming itself. “Fur farming is one of the cruelest industries. Animals are being raised with no access to light, not enough space and in unsuitable environment. After all of this, animals are being killed by cruel methods that sometimes include skinning while still alive or in gas chambers. That’s why more and more European consumers refuse to wear clothes and accessories with fur, more manufacturers and clothes’ retailers conform with that, and there are more countries that introduce stricter legislative measures for fur farming. Unfortunately, Bulgaria is not among those countries. In fact, it goes the opposite way – our government goes against the global tendencies and implements legal reliefs for the industry.” 


There are two farms for American minks in Bulgaria. Both got their licenses in violation of the existing legal norms that specifically prohibit the breeding and raising of American minks. While trying to sweep that gaffe under the rug, the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods recently came up with a proposition for amendment of the ordinance that regulates the requirements for fur farms. The proposed changes are entirely in favor of the owners of those animal breeding facilities, and never actually went through a discussion among all the involved parties. 


All Bulgarian fashion houses and fashion retailers which are not using fur, can get involved in the Fur Free Retailer program through FOUR PAWS – the only representative of that program in the country.