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FOUR PAWS reminds that from now on it is mandatory the microchipping of every dog


According to conducted inspection by the organization more then 80 000 dogs are identified

The Bulgarian office of the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS reminds that the requirement for mandatory identification of dogs with microchips came into force. This measure was adopted with the amendments to the Veterinary laws and regulations to prevent mass abandonment of pet dogs. 


“Every pet dog which has reached 4 months of age must be taken to a veterinarian who will microchip the animal and insert the data into the integrated information system of the Bulgarian Food and Safety Agency,” explains Dr. Marina Ivanova, director of FOUR PAWS for Bulgaria. “The identification with a microchip is the only way to make the connection between the dog and its owner. The obligatory microchipping will allow each owner who abandons his or her pet animal to be held responsible and it would prevent theft of animals. Moreover it will save the municipalities a lot of money of the municipalities, since they pay benefits to people bitten by dogs whose owners cannot be traced.”

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FOUR PAWS check into the integrated information system of the Bulgarian Food and Safety Agency shows that up to today there are 80,724 dogs which are microchipped and only for the last year the number has increased with 18 972. Since the beginning of 2017 1505 dogs have been identified.