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FOUR PAWS rescues the last survived animals in the almost entirely destroyed zoo in Mosul



A rapid response team of the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS is at the Iraqi city Mosul to help the last two survived animals at the local zoo – a brown bear and a lion. For the last three months the zoo was on the front line of an armed conflict between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Iraq army. The zoo is nearly destroyed and most of its animals have died.


A FOUR PAWS team led by Dr. Amir Khalil entered the ravaged city on early Tuesday morning. Both of the animals at the empty zoo are in a really bad condition caused by malnutrition, stress and a lack of veterinary care. A field hospital was organized immediately for first aid, a supply of quality food was provided and the cells were secured and cleaned from the debris. 


FOUR PAWS is the only animal welfare organization to receive permission to enter the city of Mosul, on the outskirts of which there are still gunfights. The food and medicines provided by FOUR PAWS will be enough to supply the bear and the lion for at least the next four weeks. The food will be distributed with the help of local volunteers.

Before the conflict there were 40 animals at the zoo in Mosul. During the bomb strikes many animals were killed and some managed to escape the ripped cages. Many of them did not survive for long and became victims of other hungry animals or died of starvation.

This is not the first time that FOUR PAWS helps animals in zoos situated in war zones. In the period 2014 – 2016 the organization organized evacuation of animals in a few zoos at the Gaza Strip. 

2017_02_23_emergency_help_zoo_mosul_02.jpg 2017_02_23_emergency_help_zoo_mosul_05.jpg 2017_02_23_emergency_help_zoo_mosul_06.jpg 2017_02_23_emergency_help_zoo_mosul_07.jpg