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FOUR PAWS rescued the last Serbian circus bear


© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

An international team of FOUR PAWS animal welfare charity, including Bulgarian experts from the Dancing Bears Park near Belitsa, transported yesterday the last circus bear from Serbia to its new home in Switzerland. The eleven-year-old Napa was born in a zoo and spent almost all his life behind bars. He is the first bear at Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Grisons.


Napa was born in a zoo and went to Corona, a Serbian circus, probably already a as a young bear. Since he was little he was trained to perform in the circus. After a ban a ban on wildanimals in circuses was introduced in Serbia in 2009, Napa was kept in a small cage on the site of the circus for many years.  With the help of FOUR PAWS and local authorities, Napa was confiscated and temporarily placed at Palic Zoo in Serbia, until a long-term home could be found for him. The active and inquisitive bear can now begin his new life surrounded by the Arosa mountains.


On Monday an international team of experts from several European countries went to Palic to prepare Napa for the long ride. The medical examination confirmed that the bear is in good health condition and can handle 30 hours of transportation. The team was traveling with the specially equipped bear ambulance of the Dancing Bears Park. Thanks to the experienced Bulgarian team who had participated in many similar transporting missions such as the transfer of Bulgarian lions Ivan-Asen, Terez and Masoud earlier this year, the trip went smoothly.


The new home of Napa, Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Grisons will offer species-appropriate enclosures on its three-hectare site, with numerous enrichment opportunities, ponds and trees for up to five bears. The geographical location of the sanctuary with altitude, slope and natural vegetation offers a habitat that is very close to the natural environment of the animals. The official opening of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary will take place at the beginning of next month.

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