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Unique operation for the bear Violeta


Over the past months, the team at the Dancing Bears Park noticed that the vision of the oldest resident, Violetta, is getting worse. In the summer she had an examination which confirmed that the bear suffers from glaucoma, which increases the pressure inside the eye and the animal will completely lose her sight. The disease is accompanied by excruciating pain in the eyes. While people can be treated with medication to help maintain normal eye pressure, for wild animals such as bears this is impossible.The experts were concerned that they might need to remove the eye of Violeta or even to euthanize her.


One of the best specialists in the field of veterinary ophthalmology - Dr. Maria Savova from Veterinary Clinic Nova, was invited to make a final diagnosis. By examining Violetta's eyes, she found that the high pressure of the left eye is due to a displaced lens that causes glaucoma and severe pain in the eye. Fortunately, this diagnosis meant that Violeta's eye and her life could be saved. An successful operation to remove the lens was immediately performed. Dr. Savova's team also made a thorough examination of the internal organs with ultrasound, as well as echocardiography. The results are extremely good having in mind the bear's old age. She’s 37 years old - an age that wild bears usually do not reach! After the operation, Violetta is recovering quickly and has already begun her preparations for hibernation.


Violeta was born in 1981 and saved in 2004 and moved to the Dancing Bears Park Belitsa.

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