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Veterinary examination of Raya


© FOUR PAWS| Hristo Vladev

Do you remember the elderly lions Raya and Hector from the zoo in Razgrad that we rescued in 2017? They are parents of Ivan - Assen and the "grandparents" of Terez and Masoud. We rescued them from the worst zoo in Bulgaria and accomodated them at Felida Big Cats Center in the Netherlands. Last week, we received a signal from the zoo in Pazardzhik housing Raya and Hector that Raya is not feeling well lately. Our team of veterinarians and wildlife specialists immediately went to the site to check on the lioness.


Upon arrival, we discovered that Raya had indeed lost some weight and we decided to have a full medical examination to determine if there is a cause for concern about her condition. It was best to do the examination directly in Raya's inner cage to be as fast as possible and to minimize the time during which the fourteen-year-old lion was anesthetized. All internal organs were examined using ultrasound. We also examined the eyes, ears and teeth, and took blood samples as well. Fortunately, we found that despite Raya's advanced age, she did not have serious health deviations in indicators, so we applied general therapy and gave guidance on a special diet. Raya woke up normally from the anesthesia and the latest news from the zoo was that she is already feeling better.

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