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Little Bodia already feels right at home at the Bear Rescue Centre Nadiya


Bodia seems to have got over the cruelties of his past pretty well: The bear cub, torn away from his mother much too early by illegal traders and sold to Ukrainian TV broadcaster 1+1 for 750 euro, was brought by FOUR PAWS to Bear Rescue Centre Nadiya, 160km from Kiev. Now he clearly feels like a million dollars.


When Bodia’s not roaming about his enclosure or playing with all his new toys, he’ll be enjoying splashing in his pool, ideally with a bit of a snack to hand. . And if you can’t spot him  straight away, then he’ll doubtless be sitting high up in his favourite tree, keeping an eye on the surroundings.

The FOUR PAWS Team is very happy with Bodia’s development. The bear cub is growing and thriving in his new environment, he’s eating heartily and he’s very nosey. The girl next door has particularly caught his eye: Bodia’s enclosure is next to that of female bear cub Nastia, whose similar story touched the whole world last year. Nastia had been brutally torn away from her mother and sold to unscrupulous animal traders by Lutsk Zoo. FOUR PAWS subsequently rescued the little bear and transferred her to Zhytomyr in November 2012.


A playmate for Nastia

Since Bodia’s arrival the two cubs have been watching each other inquisitively. Nastia got all excited and jumped up and down when Bodia arrived at the Bear Rescue Centre. The interest is mutual: Bodia also follows nearly every move his little neighbour makes in her enclosure next to his. It is being planned to  put them together. A playmate would be the perfect companion for both Bodia and Nastia.

Since 2011 in Ukraine FOUR PAWS has already saved five bears which had been kept in appalling conditions. But the organisation’s investigations and rescue initiatives will not stop here. The Ukrainian government estimates there to be a further 80 bears being kept in terrible conditions in the country. FOUR PAWS will continue its work to enable these animals to lead a happier life.

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