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The last of the Corbeanca horses have found a home

FOUR PAWS Romania has transferred Coelan and Big Belly, the remaining horses of a group of 26 rescued in 2011, to new foster homes. Several older animals in need of special care had been left in charge of FOUR PAWS after a legal dispute with their former owner had come to an end last autumn.

While strict controls have been imposed on the keeping of all of the horses, a difficult search for suitable adoption patrons began. Both Easy and Alba as well as the older mares, Regina and Babone, got adopted by committed families, but it wasn’t until April that the stallions Coelan and Burtosu (Big Belly) were also granted a new life.

Burtosu’s new stables are only a short distance away from Corbeanca, where he had been cared for by FOUR PAWS vets and keepers. He’ll enjoy adequate keeping and very good overall conditions. Like in all other cases, comprehensive contracts have been signed with the new owners, ensuring the 20-year-old horse’s wellbeing in the future. In accordance with the no-breeding policy in all FOUR PAWS care centres and sanctuaries, the stallions have been gelded.

A cycle of life

However, a tragedy preceded Coelan’s first steps into a better life: Babone, at over 25 years of age a very senior mare, had succumbed to cancer after spending the last months of her life in loving care and a spacious environment, for the first time ever. When this left her longtime companion Regina alone and saddened, her new owners, Razvan and Cami, decided to take on Coelan as well. This has both uplifted Regina and given 18-year-old Coelan the chance of finally living in the ideal conditions and longterm care he needed so much. The two horses are getting along just fine and have found, like all the 26 horses rescued from gruesome keeping, a happy ending to the misery they were once faced with.