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Young horse rescued by two Roma boys in Romania

FOUR PAWS takes care of foal Sami

© VIER PFOTEN/Roxana Radu and Sebastian Proksch

A Romanian foal, abandoned at only two days of age, has been lucky enough to be saved twice: First it was picked up by two boys from a nearby Roma community, who nourished it on the milk rations they got at school. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of a local woman, a few days later FOUR PAWS was able to take the weak animal into its care and start nurturing it back to health. The foal was named Sami, after Samir, one of the boys who saved his life. Put on a special diet, he is now growing quickly and has every chance to become a healthy horse on day.

Unfortunately, it happens time and again that foals are being abandoned - often for the very same obscure reasons that make ten of thousands of companion animals homeless every year. The owner of the animal, which was born in the south west Romanian commune of Amărăştii de Jos, simply considered the newly born horse too ugly. He left it by a roadside where it was luckily found and picked up by the two children. Without the emergency aid that the two boys provided with their school milk, the animal wouldn't have lasted very long.

Sami now drinks 16 liters a day
The woman who had got involved soon after started an appeal via Facebook in order to find a home for Sami. A riding club in the vicinity of Bucharest then offered to take on the young horse until it was strong enough to be adopted. FOUR PAWS is covering all the running costs that include 16 liters of milk with added vitamins every day, which will get the foal back on track soon. Sami appears extremely comfortable with the people around him now, who spend a lot of time caring for him. Even newspaper journalists and animal lovers who heard about the story have visited the stable since his arrival: they see a confident young horse that has learned to trust in humans again.

© VIER PFOTEN/Roxana Radu and Sebastian Proksch

© VIER PFOTEN/Roxana Radu and Sebastian Proksch