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6635 stray dogs in Sofia


Today FOUR PAWS and “Ecoravnovesie” reported the results from the stray dog census they conducted in the capital. This census is the fourth one, after those from 2007, 2009 and 2011. Up to date the number of stray dogs is estimated to be 6635 (+/- 10%). This number is calculated on the basis of reported unattended dogs seen by our team in public places, industrial areas and abandoned properties.


Most dogs are in the areas of: Kremikovci (703), Krasna Polyana (567), Pancharevo (532) and Lyulin (531). The smallest number of stray dogs is in: Oborishte (20), Iztok (28), Sredets (48), Krasno Selo (69) and Vazrazhdane (87).

Census results in the past 6 years show a clear reduction of the number of stray dogs in the capital - from 11 124 in 2007 to 6 635 in 2013.


The five areas with the biggest number of stray dogs also have the biggest concentration of the total population - 35.1%, whereas in the central regions of Sofia (Sredets, City Centre, Vazrazhdane, Krasno Selo, Lozenets, Iztok and Triaditza) – only 7%. Typical for the areas with the highest population is that they are in the periphery of Sofia Municipality and are traditionally a kind of a buffer zone for animals, abandoned by the neighboring areas. The high number of stray dogs in Krasna Polyana is also due to the fact that the Roma neighborhood of Fakulteta is located on its territory.


Details on the methodology used for the stray dog census, as well as a full report can be found here.