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FOUR PAWS starts a two-week neutering campaign in Elin Pelin


© Hristo Vladev | FOUR PAWS

A FOUR PAWS stray animal care team is starting a project for neutering of stray and backyard dogs and cats in Elin Pelin municipality in the outskirts of Sofia. The project begins on 16th of April and it will finish on 27th of April 2018. During this period the team will cover as many villages and towns of the municipality as possible. All animals that will undergo a surgery will be treated against parasites and vaccinated

against rabies. According to the Bulgarian legislation all dogs will be identified by a microchip and a plastic ear tag and all the neutered cats could be recognizeble by a small cut of the edge of one of the ears and the tattooed number of the other ear.


The expectations are to treat around 150 animals. The team of FOUR PAWS consists of two veterinarians, a vet assistant and two catchers of animals which will arrive with a mobile vet clinic and a van for transporting animals. The mobile vet clinic will be located at the territory of the vet clinic situated on 39 Nicola Petkov blvd in the town of Elin Pelin. Anyone who wants to ensure neutering to a stray or backyard animal could make an appointment at 0888 00 23 85.


FOUR PAWS actively cooperate with representatives of the local authorities, who are willing to apply the Bulgarian legislation for effectively reducing the number of stray dogs and cats on their territory. Since 2008, teams of FOUR PAWS have treated nearly 20,000 animals in municipalities across the country. This has prevented the spread of thousands of stray animals. Since 2008, local authorities are obliged to organize neutering campaigns of stray animals in order to restrict the possibility of their reproduction, as well as to impose control on the abandoning of pets.


Since 2017, all pet dogs should have a microchip which allows the vets to track easier the owner ot the animal. Unfortunately, the level of enforcement of the legislation is extremely poor and so far there are no sanctions for the local authorities for inactivity or for not complying with their legal obligations for reducing the number of stray animals.

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If you want to support FOUR PAWS you can follow this link. Thank you!