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Boyko found his loving family

Boyko, the little lion, found his loving family. A mother of two teenage boys was brave enough to open her home and heart for him. And Boyko or Bobcho as they call him, is utterly happy!


We wish them endless happiness!



If you wish to help in the tough battle of saving lives, the ways to do it are shown here


Boyko - the little lion

Boyko came in our vet clinic 'half-naked'. Probably in a fight with a bigger dog, almost all of the fur on his back was missing, showing his flesh. After innovative procedures that include implanting skin cells and intensive post therapy, Boyko is now showing off his new coat. 

But the people that brought him later refused to take him back as they were planning. With a tiny size, young, energetic and friendly towards people, as well as with most of the dogs and cats, Boyko is looking for his family. 

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

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