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© FOUR PAWS | Marcel Fens

© FOUR PAWS | Marcel Fens

Kracho found us after we received a signal by “Ecoravnovesie", asking us to help him. His condition was critical – he had an old and unhealed fracture on the right front leg, as part of the leg had been bitten off. Part of his tail was also missing, again bitten off. Kracho was immediately subjected to intensive treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and a few days later had surgery. His bandages were being changed daily and we treated him with antibiotics. He has recovered and now he is feeling well.  We need to find a home for him, as he can’t stay with us permanently. The street is not an option in his condition, life in a shelter is also not the best solution. If you are able to accommodate Kracho - contact us :

For more information contact FOUR PAWS clinic: 0888 40 44 47