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Murry and Puhcho



Murry and Puhcho
© FOUR PAWS | Marcel Fens

Early in the morning in front of FOUR PAWS clinic someone had left us a gift. We consider it a “gift” but for the so-called “donors” it is a burden. Two incredibly beautiful cats! They are in perfect condition - apparently they used to be someone’s pets. However their people got tired of taking care of other living beings. We will not speculate about the reasons to abandon Murray and Puhcho and we will direct our forces into finding a home for them. But this time we want to be permanent! Both kittens are about a year old, neutered, vaccinated and in perfect health. We expect serious people to write to us! People who are ready to take care and give love to their future pet!

Murry and Puhcho will be in “Nova” clinic.

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© FOUR PAWS | Marcel Fens