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Old, sick and without a pedigree. This is more than enough for a dog in Bulgaria to find itself on the street after guarding someone’s backyard for years. Probably this was the reason why Rex got kicked out and then delivered by volunteers to our clinic for stray animals in Sofia. At the initial medical inspection our vets could not miss the limping of one of the hind legs. Unfortunately, the reason is either discal hernia, or worn cartilage of the spine. Retunring Rex to the street is certainly not an option, so we are looking for new owners for this middle-aged chap. He’s around 8-years old, energetic, inquisitive and very genlte. When looking in his eyes, we would really love to see not only despair, but also hope that he will find a home and a good friend, with whom he will spend the rest of his life. Please write to us at:

For more information contact FOUR PAWS clinic: 0888 40 44 47

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