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© FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

Slati is a young kitten, only around one year old. He was lucky to be found on the street several months ago by a kind-hearted woman. She couldn’t pass him by and brought him into her home for three days. The woman noticed that he had some problem with one of his hind legs.

And that is how Slati came to our clinic in Sofia. The veterinarians of FOUR PAWS examined him and found out that he has a fracture on his hind leg. Slati had an operation in “Amivet” clinic which was successful. Now he is fully recovered, vaccinated and dewormed. Soon he will be neutered.


He is kind and social, just loves to be around people. Of course, considering his young age he is very playful and likes to climb and give kisses.


Slati is not a stray cat! He needs a family to take care of him. If you like him, you can write to us on: or help us to find his people by sharing his story. Thank you!

2015_6_29_Slati_DSC_1046.JPG 2015_6_29_Slati_DSC_1068.JPG 2015_6_29_Slati_DSC_1070.JPG 2015_6_29_slati.jpg 2015_6_29_Slati_DSC_1110.JPG 2015_6_29_Slati__MG_7813.JPG