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In Bulgaria we have a saying that means ¨If you are born with luck, you´ll be fine wherever life throws you.¨ In Tina´s case, it was our vet clinic in Bankya. Two weeks after the enormous shock she had to go through when she was abandoned at our door, this pretty lucky girl found her wonderful family. Tina already has a home, plays with her new friend Demon and enjoys the love of her big-hearted people!


We wish them amazing moments together! 

Below you can see Tina's story. If you want to follow the example of that devoted family, you can adopt a stray animal from us. Here are also other ways to support us.

Name: Tina

Sex: female

Age: 2 yo

Temper: friendly, energetic

Size: L / big dog

Friday night. For some people this is the end of the work week and the moment to have fun at a bar. For others, this is time to share with their loved ones and enjoy their cozy home. For third ones... it is a convenient opportunity to get rid of their pet. 


Friday night. Our security cameras recorded how a man abandons his young dog, tying her in front of the clinic in Bankya. Throws some food next to her, turns away and goes. She was staring shocked after him - having no idea why he left her there. 


Is it human that he didn't leave her out on the street? Is it generosity that he left her some food? Is it honour we receive being the ones he made responsible for his own pet?


Tina is already dewormed, neutered, with microchip and passport.

2019_01_21_dog_Tina_003.jpg 2019_01_21_dog_Tina_002.jpg 2019_01_21_dog_Tina_001.jpg