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Romanian Parliamentarians have passed stone age law allowing the killing of stray dogs


FOUR PAWS is looking for options to start legal steps against this decision and call on EU Commission to intervene

FOUR PAWS is deeply shocked that Romanian Parliamentarians have  just passed the law allowing mass killing  of stray dogs. Following yesterday’s decision of the specialist commissions of the Romanian Parliament to vote for “Euthanasia”, the law has today been adopted by the plenary with 266 votes "pro", 23 votes "against" and 20 abstention.

 “The worst case scenario has happened. Authorities have now license to mass killing, said Gabriel Paun, Director of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS International.


The new law allows killing  of stray dogs after 14 day of keeping in a dog shelter -  if they do not have enough space in the shelters for keeping  the dogs, food or medical care.


 “It is not realistic that adoption will take place within such a short term of 14 days. Moreover, there are not enough dog shelters available and not enough food or medicine for  the dogs . This law thus simply means a death sentence for hundred  thousands of stray dogs in Romania. ”, stated Paun. The international animal welfare organization has caught, sterilised and released over 100,000 strays in Romania in the past few years. Its efforts are recognized and supported by the European Parliament.


“It’s unbelievable that mass killing has just passed a Parliament of  EU Member State and it will be historically wrong if the EU Commission will tolerate this. We are now looking for national solutions to freeze this law and call on the EU Commission to avoid being part of this crime which most of the European citizens will never forget or forgive”, concluded Paun.