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FOUR PAWS now active in Albania

As in many other countries in Southeast Europe, stray animals, particularly dogs and cats, are a regular sight in Albania. Now,  the capital Tirana has become the country’s first city to cooperate with an animal welfare organisation to control the local stray dog population in a humane, sustainable way. With many years of experience in other countries facing similar situations, FOUR PAWS offers a proven, animal friendly strategy to prevent illness and the uncontrollable breeding of strays – on a global scale.


Great cooperation

Dr. Anca Tomescu, Head of FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care Romania, is excited about setting up this important project together with the municipality of Tirana. After the official start of the project FOUR PAWS is also pleased that the citizens of Tirana are showing a huge interest in finding a positive solution to the stray animal problem in Albania.

Approximately 7,000 stray dogs in Tirana and its surroundings

Although Albanian law requires dogs to be registered, there is no official number of stray dogs and cats. However, it is estimated that there are around 7,000 stray dogs in Tirana and its surrounding areas alone. The stray animal "hotspots" were identified and FOUR PAWS veterinarians, together with employees of the local municipality, will now neuter, vaccinate, tag and register stray dogs within a week. 


Not only will the life of these dogs be saved, they will also be treaed for injuries and diseases..As well as Albania, FOUR PAWS has recently implemented stray animal projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, Jordan, Slovakia, Sudan, India and Sri Lanka.