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As of October 2013 FOUR PAWS has its own clinic for neutering and treatment of stray animals, located in Bankya. The project was implemented in cooperation with Sofia municipality, who provided us with the building of the former veterinary clinic free of charge. The main task of our team is the neutering of stray and yard dogs and cats, and we hope in time we can focus our efforts primarily on the treatment of injured stray animals. FOUR PAWS’ commitment is to neuter at least 1,200 animals per year .
As a non-profit organization FOUR PAWS is supported entirely by donations from around the world. So in order to continue to care for and help animals in trouble, we need your support. Become part of the millions of FOUR PAWS supporters by making a donation through PayPal.

Your donation is invaluable to our mission for the benefit of animals and society. The raised amounts are spent on medical supplies for treatment and neutering of stray animals. Any donation will be used well:


  • 1 lev will cover the costs for the internal deworming of 2 dogs or 8 cats, one dose of rabies vaccine or one dose of antibiotic for three days;
  • 6 leva will cover the costs for the anesthesia for 1 dog or 3 cats;
  • 20 leva will cover the costs for the medical supplies for the neutering of one female dog.

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