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MARC O` POLO joins FOUR PAWS supported “Fur Free Retailer” program


The international premium modern casual label MARC O`POLO has already refrained from using fur for the past ten years and now officially committed not to use real fur and joined the “Fur Free Retailer” program. 

The fur industry may advertise how “green” real fur is in comparison to fake fur. However, as the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS has proved repeatedly in laboratory analyses, that sustainability and environmentally friendly are concepts which cannot be applied in relation to real fur. During the production of real fur chemicals are used which can pollute the environment and can cause humans to have allergies and skin irritations. FOUR PAWS published the results in the study “Poison in the furs” in 2011.

Thomas Pietsch, Wild animals expert at FOUR PAWS:

“Unfortunately, fur is often associated with quality. A lot of consumers don’t know under which circumstances the animals are kept and that the production of fur is very chemical and energy-consuming. In fact you can't tell by the price if the clothes are made of real fur or if fake fur is used. What makes the difference is the suffering animals who are the basis of these products. We are therefore delighted that with MARC O`POLO, another big fashion company with an international dimension, makes a clear statement against the use of real fur and now officially is a fur free retailer."

Statement of MARC O`POLO:

“It is very important for us that people can trust in our products. MARC O`POLO wants to make sure that every customer wears our fashion articles with a good feeling. This is why we decided to join the ‚Fur Free Retailer’ program. Social commitment as well as ecological acting are integral parts of the MARC O`POLO corporate philosophy. Respectful behaviour towards animals is a very important part of this. Respective guidelines are established in our whole company and are being developed continuously. In consequence, the usage of real fur in our fashion collection has long been eliminated: Since about ten years the fashion claim has been taken into account by using fake fur. By joining the ’Fur Free Retailer’ program we strive to make this even more transparent and clear.”

FOUR PAWS has been the representative of the international Fur Free Retailer program in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and South Africa since 2012. The program provides information about fashion companies, which do not use any real fur products. Besides MARC O`POLO the program members already include many more respected brands and retailers, as for example the Otto Group, H&M, American Apparel, Esprit, s.Oliver and C&A.


Link “Poison in the furs” study:

More information about the ”Fur Free Retailer” program: