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#REALTROPHY – Join our new FOUR PAWS campaign against Canned Lion Hunting!



Each year more than 1,000 lions are shot in South Africa, bred specifically for this purpose. The hunters are mostly wealthy people who pay a lot of money to satisfy their hunting hobby. An amateur hunter – many of whom are using a gun for the first time in their lives – will pay up to 45,000 euros to shoot a defenceless lion who cannot escape. And what for? In most cases they take the slaughtered animal to their home and put it on their walls as a trophy. Yes – this is totally legal, because in South Africa canned lion hunting is still allowed.


But we want this to stop! FOUR PAWS wants to convince the South African Government to finally end canned lion hunting. For this we need your support! With your help this campaign could get so big that the South African Government can no longer ignore us and will finally end this brutal trophy-hunting!


Your personal statement against Canned Lion Hunting

Have you ever won a medal at a sporting event? Do you have a special certificate on your wall at home, which makes you proud? Or have you won a cup which is now placed in a dusty corner, but you actually want it to be seen? Now you have the opportunity to show these awesome things once again and to stand up for the lions in South Africa at the same time. How does this work? Very easily:


With a picture of you and your #REALTROPHY, you are sending a clear message: no lion's head should be a trophy. A won cup, a certificate, a self-made piece of furniture, your homegrown garden vegetables or even your 20-year-old friendship with a particular person: these are real trophies. Your imagination has no limit. Become part of our campaign against this blood-soaked business and show us your #REALTROPHY!


Each picture will be shown on our trophy wall here and will be sent to the South African government next year!


Watch the video below and find out how the whole thing works: