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FOUR PAWS exhibition with pictures of stray dogs in Sofia


32 pictures of the Dutch photographer Marcel Fens are displayed in an outdoor gallery in the City garden

© FOUR PAWS | Marcel Fens

Yesterday in the capital FOUR PAWS launched an exhibition with pictures of stray dogs and cats. Until the end of the month the visitors of the City garden could enjoy an unusual view towards the subject about homeless animals – the view of the Dutch photographer Marcel Fens. In the selected 32 pictures the organizers hope to present more different and positive points towards the animals living on the street and to convince as many people as possible to adopt stray animal.

The author of the pictures Marcel Fens revealed that his purpose was to show the beauty of the homeless dogs and cats of Sofia. “Whenever I see a stray animal, I see it not as a problem, but as a beautiful living being. Although they appear in the news only when an accident has happened and then the society turns against them. This is absolutely unfair, because in reality they are not scary, on the contrary – quite often they are extremely funny.” Marcel Fens lives in Bulgaria since 2008 but starts to photograph dogs and cats on the streets of Sofia at the beginning of 2013. So far he has shoot more than 1300 different animals in the whole city. As a proof for their character he explained that he has never been bitten or attacked.

© FOUR PAWS | Marcel Fens

According to Yavor Gechev from FOUR PAWS the presented satanic image of stray animals in the society’s mind has caused many people to think that they are too dangerous and not suitable for keeping in their homes. “Most of the stray dogs and cats could be as social, friendly and loving pets, as every other animal bought from a store or ordered online. With our exhibition we hope to convince more people to accept in their homes a four legged friend from the street or from a shelter – leading not only to its rescue but to reducing the number of stray animals in the best possible way.”

FOUR PAWS want to remind that according to data from recently conducted research every second animal in Sofia is not born on the street, but at somebody’s house where it turned out to be unwanted. According to the experts from the international organization the only way to reduce permanently the number of stray dogs and cats is by neutering the animals living on the streets, stimulating the responsible keeping of pets with strict control on their owners and limiting the breeding in home conditions.

The organizers of the exhibition express their gratitude towards Sofia Municipality for the given opportunities to share these wonderful pictures with the inhabitants and guests of Sofia.

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