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10 000 people want the shelter in Karzdhali to be closed down and its employees investigated


FOUR PAWS are unconditional that the inaction of the Bulgarian institutions is scandalous

In less than three days more than 10 000 people joined the online protest of FOUR PAWS with requests to close down the shelter for stray dogs in Kardzhali and investigation of its employees for crimes against animals. By signing in a specially created site everyone sends an e-mail to the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Veterinary Union Dr. Trifon Tsvetkov. The reason for the protest is the consecutive images in the media which documented the cruel treatment of dogs at the shelter. 

Part of the letter states: „The District Food Safety Agency, the Regional Prosecution and the Municipality of Kardzhali refused to carry out an impartial examination and to suspend the activities of the so-called shelter of stray dogs in the city of Kardzhali despite all signals about violence against animals, high mortality and systematic violations. This cannot go on anymore.“ The requests of the protest are for immediate close down of the shelter, investigation of the activities of its employees, suspending the licence to practice of the veterinarian responsible for neutering and regular checks on all municipal shelters for which there are signals for systemic violations of the Bulgarian legislation. 

The inaction of all institutions despite clear evidence of violations and even crimes is scandalous according to the director of FOUR PAWS Bulgaria Dr. Marina Ivanova: „I have been present twice during examinations conducted by inspectors from the District Food and Safety Agency and both times were stated the same serious violations – mortality is extremely high, sheltered animals are not medically treated and are left to die, hygiene is on a medieval level. The veterinarian performed neutering operation in front of us and I can responsibly say that after what I saw the license of that doctor should be suspended. Although the violations were described in a statement, the agency was afraid to issue something more than a warrant.”

One year ago there was a scadalous video which was shared all over on social networks of a female dog trown away behind the fence of the shelter with an open incision of the abdomen after neutering operation. Then the Regional Directorate for Food and Safety Agency did a quick check and once again they did not find any violations of the activities of the shelter, though actually nothing has changes since last year. The authors of the vieo clip complained that the institutions put pressure on them, rather than investigating what was happening in the shelter. 

The protest of FOUR PAWS will continue until all requests fulfilled. Everybody can support the online protest here: