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Entrance fee for the visitors of Dancing bears park will be introduced the first weekend of August


A series of new rules for the visitors of the park guarantee the quietness and safety of its residents


A series of new rules for the visitors of Dancing bears park will be introduced the first weekend of August. Entrance fee, tour in the park only with a guide and closing some of parts of the park for visitors are among them. According to Dimitar Ivanov, manager of the bear sanctuary, the necessity of rules was a result of the increased number of visitors after the construction on the 11 km road between Belitsa and Dancing bears park.

“Up to 300 people visit us daily in the summer and such stream of visitors puts in jeopardy both people and animals. The purpose of the new rules is to guarantee both security and pleasure for our guests and calm atmosphere for the bears“, explains Dimitar Ivanov. “The main goal of Dancing Bears Park is to assure calm old ages of the animals in conditions that are as close as possible to their habitat. With that number of visitors this cannot happen. On the other hand, in the coming years we would like to emphasize more on the educational activities in the park and to increase the awareness about animal welfare in the area of Belitsa". 

The visitors will be taken on tours around the park into groups with a guide at every half an hour. The duration of the tour will be around 40 minutes during which everyone will get familiar with the history of the only bear sanctuary in Bulgaria, with the conditions of raising the captivated bears and the tortures they have been put to and with the habits of the largest wild animal in Bulgaria. Those parts of the park that bears use to rest and isolate will be closed. Starting this year, the park has new working hours and it will be open for visitors in the period April until November and between December and March will remain closed because of the winter sleep of the bears. A bistro and a gift shop related to the visitor center will open as well.

The ticket price for the visitors will be between 2 and 6 levs, single ticket for children and adults will be at the respective prices of 3 and 6 levs, and the group tickets – of 2 and 4 levs. All collected funds will be used for educational programs in the area of Belitsa which will aim at growing more humane and responsible attitude towards animals.