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Disaster Relief Puerto Rico


© Roxanne Bolton | FOUR PAWS

Our Disaster Relief Team was just on the ground in Puerto Rico working to assist pet owners and local community members in the devastating wake of Hurricane Maria.

FOUR PAWS delivered 4,000 pounds of dry dog and cat food to the hurricane-ravaged island. Four team members of the FOUR PAWS Disaster Relief Unit distributed food and performed veterinary exams on animals. In the picture above, Mission Leader Dr. Jackson Zee and DRU team member Samantha Haider inspect and provide food for Princess, a 5 year old female pit bull mix. Princess’ owners fled their home that was badly damaged after Hurricane Maria. She  was kept on the property because she could not be evacuated with them.  However, she is now being provided with food and water every day.   

Dr. Jackson Zee and his team picked up the donated pet food in San Juan on Monday morning and transported it to Pitbull Angels in Aguadilla, the Animal Rescue Foundation in Rincon along with Vets for Strays in Ponce, along with helping other individuals. 

The goal of the mission is to help stray animals and owned pets in Puerto Rico impacted by this devastating hurricane. We are working to help owners and local community members who do not have the ability or resources to acquire enough food for the local animals to survive in remote areas that have been harder to reach in the aftermath of the storm, such as Aguadilla, Rincon, Ponce and Villalba.

We believe animal welfare is community welfare, meaning that if pets are taken care of and have food and water, people can focus on their own well-being.

© Roxanne Bolton | FOUR PAWS