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Romania: Wounded horse saved by FOUR PAWS

A FOUR PAWS vet immediately provided help for the wounded horse.

An old carriage horse was involved into a car accident near Bucharest and severely injured. The Romanian police informed FOUR PAWS to give assistance to the injured horse. Upon our arrival we found the horse roped by a fence, bleeding from the posterior area and limping from a back leg. FOUR PAWS horse experts took care of the horse immediately, prescribed pain medication and tried to detect the fully extent of the trauma. FOUR PAWS provided the old mare with first aid, some food and water and stopped the bleeding temporarily.

The horse is stable now. FOUR PAWS will continue to take care of her.

The old mare will fully recover soon

The old carriage horse was taken to the stables of Saftica, where her injuries have been examined precisely.  An X-ray revealed that her limping back leg did not show any fracture – fortunately. Together with our collaborator Dr. Florin Mlagiu FOUR PAWS veterinary Ovidu Rosu anaesthetised the mare and operated the mammary gland trying to surgically close the wound. Currently, her medical condition is just fine and she is stable. She will receive further antibiotics and analgesics daily. We are very confident that the mare will fully recover, if there will not be any unexpectedly complications.


FOUR PAWS namend the horse “Nuga”. As she will stay in FOUR PAWS’ custody, we will take the best decision for her future and provide her a peaceful life.