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© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

Name: Bagheera

Sex:  female

Age: 12-13 yo

Size: M-L 

We are grateful to all who donated for Bagheera!

It’s been more than two months since we took care of the dog. We were hoping that Bagheera would fully recover after the surgeries and the physiotherapy. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to step on her hind legs. But every day Bagheera is having a walk supported on a harness. She has good hygiene habits.

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(June 2019)

The leg that had the surgery is still having neurological deficiency and the motor functions of the other hind leg are affected, so Bagheera is not able to walk independently. The good news is that she doesn’t feel pain.



(May 2019)

Bagheera is one of the many stray animals wandering across the streets of Sofia at night. She was hit by a car in the residential district Hristo Botev. Passers-by accidentally saw the animal agonizing in pain and signaled FOUR PAWS.  


Bagheera was urgently admitted to NOVA veterinary clinic. The medical check showed that the dog had many injuries and her life was in danger. The bladder was torn and needed immediate surgery. The veterinarians found out traumas in hind legs - a hip dislocation of one and a neurological deficiency of the other. There is also suspicion of a neck injury, which may be a cause of impaired innervation. No animal deserves such a fate and moreover - an elderly animal like Bagheera who is about 12-13 years old. She dragged down the street before she was found and was extremely stressed because of the pain. Thanks to the signal and the quick intervention of the doctors, the dog will live. Even the slightest delay could have costed Bagheera's life.


We are taking constant care of the dog. What follow next is a surgery of the dislocated hip. Until now, the treatment and the surgery cost 1300 BGN. The next surgery and postoperative treatment will cost 700 BGN more. We need 2000 BGN to give Bagheera a chance for a new and worthy life.


You can support us by donating using the methods listed HERE.


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