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The little blind dog Chance is enjoying his new life in the company of his new family!
We are happy to tell all of you that after all the obstacles the little one had to pass through – obstacles that put him between life and death – now he is a happy pet animal!


Chance was found stuck in the yard of an abandoned house, and then brought to us in our clinic in Bankya. We dewormed him internally and externally, and started treatment with vitamins, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, because besides the visible trauma to the head and eye, the little one was extremely weak.
We took him to Nova clinic for consultation. It turned out that Chance is completely blind. The injured eye is with a detached retina, the other eye is healthy, but the lack of vision comes from the central nervous system.
Currently Chance is back in FOUR PAWS clinic under the care of our veterinary doctors.

The condition of Chance is improving every day. The injured eye will be saved, but he will not be able to see with it. Our hope is that FOUR PAWS veterinarians will be able to restore at least partial sight in the other eye.
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